Don’t Let Writer’s Block Destroy Your Life

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The blinking cursor of death is haunting you again, isn’t it?  You have sat there staring at a blank screen for what seems like hours, but nothing is coming to you.

You have that horrible affliction that every writer experiences at least once in his or her life—writer’s block.

You dread it, yet you think you are full of such good ideas that it will never happen to you.  But then it hits you, and you are devastated.  You begin to wonder if you will ever write again.  Then you begin to wonder if writing is even worth it.  No one ever reads what you write anyway.

Your self-esteem is shot.  Your potential career as the world’s biggest blogger or hottest dime store romance author is doomed all thanks to that damned blinking cursor on your screen.

Do not despair, my friend.  As with anything in life, this too shall pass.   You will get over it and come back better than ever.  This writer’s block is good for you.  It forces you to look for new ways to be creative.  So do not let it destroy your life.  Embrace it…and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

If you have gone to any of the 5 fantastic places to find inspiration (or any number of websites that were created with the writer in mind) and still cannot think of anything to write about, just step away from the computer and take a deep breath.  Something should come to you eventually.  It’s not the end of the world, my babies.

When all else fails, why don’t you try writing about writer’s block?  Have you ever thought about doing that?

Maybe, or maybe not.  I’ve found that when I have writer’s block and start rummaging through the internet for advice, the people giving it rarely ever mention anything about writing about writer’s block.  I wonder why;  it is an effective way to finally get rid of  the affliction.

When you write about your writer’s block, the ideas start flowing again.  Y0ur hands and eyes are moving along with the cursor on your screen, or the pen on your paper.  And then voilà!  You have nearly 400 words written about something that someone somewhere is going to read, even if it is not all that newsworthy or earth-shattering.

After you have finished putting a period at the end of your last sentence, you sigh contentedly.  You feel accomplished.  And you are ready to start all over again tomorrow.


The Top Five Books That Changed My Life—Have They Had an Influence on You, Too?

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I must confess something before I get started on today’s post.  I am sitting here at four o’clock in the morning and have nothing ready for today or the rest of the week.  Oy.   If  you’ve kept up with me the past couple days, you know that my old computer died by fire in late July and, unfortunately, all my drafts and notes went with it…so I am scrambling around trying to find some interesting things to talk about and get some posts out there for you darlings to gawk at.


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Thankfully today should be relatively easy for me because it’s Writing Prompt Wednesday, one of the new themes here on the Daily Hottentots.  Each Wednesday I am going to pick one writing prompt from websites like Creativity Portal, Plinky, Language is a Virus, etc. and use the first prompt that I get.  This should get very interesting because at some point I will explore short stories, poetry, opinion pieces, and whatever else these prompts spark in my imagination. (more…)

5 Fantastic Places to Find Inspiration for Your Next Blog Post

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Need help turning on that light bulb in your head? Give the 5 sites in this post a try! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As many of you know the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July is up and running.  If you haven’t already signed up for the challenge, I strongly suggest you go to the UBC website and get started!  All you have to do is blog 31 times in 31 days.  That’s it!

With this challenge comes  a lot of support from other bloggers,  and a daily prompt to help you generate some great content.  There may be times that those prompts won’t fit you or your blog.  And there may be days that you just can’t come up with anything on your own.  What do you do then?  Well, you could take a break for one or two days (no one is going to punish you!), or you could look for inspiration elsewhere…

If you choose to look elsewhere for your inspiration, may I suggest that you take a peek at the following 5 websites?  I go to  them  all the time when I need that extra push, and  I hope they can help you, too!

Creativity Portal


I love this site.  It is jam-packed with inspirational articles, writing prompts, pictures, quotes, and links that will help get your creative juices flowing.  My favorite thing is the 365 Pictures daily photo prompts.  Each day there is a different picture (no repeats) followed by a few words of motivating text to inspire you.

One Word


One word is a great way to break writer’s block.  Seriously!  Each day one word appears in big, bold letters and you get one minute to sit down and write the first thing that comes to your mind.  Don’t think about what you are going to write—just write.  You don’t have to register, but I recommend it because you can save everything you’ve written and connect with other users.

Language is a Virus


If you’re into creative writing, this is a great place for you.  It’s loaded with generators, prompts, and games to help cure your writer’s block and maybe help give you the nudge you need to finish the next great American novel.  🙂  Sure, it hasn’t helped me in my journey to finish the book I’ve been writing for 7 years, but I don’t think anything will.  It has helped me with writer’s block on more than one occasion, though!



Unlike the first three sites, Shorpy isn’t a site geared toward writing prompts and generators—or writing period.  It’s a blog chock full of old pictures for you to gawk at and comment on.   The older the pictures are, the more inspired I become.  I really love looking through everything posted on here and reading all the comments from people who have a lot of information about a photo’s history.  If you’re ever stuck for something to write about…try wandering around Shorpy for a few minutes!

Mother Jones


Mother Jones is what its website says it is.  It is a “nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting.”  Mojo has inspired us lefties for well over three decades.  If reporting about leftist politics is your cup of tea, have a look around their website if you need to be inspired about current events and politics.  If Mother Jones isn’t your thing, then you can search for news stories just about anywhere.  Most major newspapers are online now, and there are tons of blogs and vlogs that aim to get the news to people in one way or another.

Are there any special websites or tricks you use for inspiration on your blog?  Please share with the class by leaving a comment below.  I look forward to your feedback!

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