Hate Is a Pointless Emotion

Conrad Veidt, Favorite Quote Friday

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is a part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.

~Hermann Hesse

Welcome to another edition of Favorite Quote Friday, everyone.  I know, I was supposed to get rid of this weekly post and give it its own blog, but I’ve changed my mind.  I decided to keep it and change the picture I use for it. (Which is of my German flavor of the month Conrad Veidt, by the way.)

Today’s quote comes from another German, Hermann Hesse, who, like Veidt, was married to a Jewish woman and fiercely opposed the Nazis.

Do you agree with what he said?  Do you think that if you hate another person, then there must be something inside yourself that is loathsome?

What he said makes sense.  Hate is a pointless emotion.  It does not change anything in a situation, or life in general. All it does is cause misery and destruction.  The Nazis hated Jews, Occultists, Socialists, and everyone else they deemed a political suspect.  All that hate and cold-blooded murder accomplished nothing.

They hated people for who they were and what they looked like.  Hitler wanted people to believe that the more than six million Jews he murdered were inferior to the rest of the human race in some way.  However, the Jews have shown the world again and again what geniuses they are in every field imaginable.  Is there anything they cannot do?  That does not smack of inferiority to me.

The real issue is what Hesse was talking about when he said that our hatred for others stemmed from something inside ourselves:  Hitler hated the Jews’ supposed inferiority, but even tiny amount of research will show that there is no inferiority.  The problem was that Hitler was ashamed of his own inferiority.  He failed as a military leader, an artist, and most everything else he set out to do, so instead of just accepting the fact that he was a loser, he went on a genocidal rampage.

Hate is destructive and ugly.  It does nothing but stop progress and make us look like jerks.

Instead of focusing on the people and things we hate, we should instead focus on the people and things we love.  Passion can move mountains.  It can build cities, cure diseases, and invent any number of things that help move society forward.

So if you are wasting your time hating another person, it is not too late to stop.  The hatred you feel is not worth all the stress, ulcers, and wrinkles you are giving yourself…is it?


I Do Not Forgive and I Do Not Forget

RANT, this way

RANT, this way (Photo credit: Nesster)

Ladies and gentlemen, you will have to forgive me for this wee rant today but I have been ticked off for the past several days because of some pretty nasty things some jerk said to me.  My creative thoughts will be stifled until I get this crap off of my chest.  I do not like to use this blog as a rant dump, but today is just one of those days.

I hope the jerk that ticked me off reads this!  And I hope that some of you out there can relate to what I am about to say….

The other day on my Facebook, I was on one of my political rants about so-called “liberals” and this “friend” who is apparently on the right-wing lunatic fringe started posting extremely profane comments on the thread.  He called me names that began with a “c” and a “b” and pretty much everything in between, and told me that he thought anarchists should be lined up and shot to death.

(For those of you who don’t know, I am an anarchist, and I am used to that guy’s brand of volatility…)

He went on and on with his macho flag-waving super patriotism whilst I shoved my finger down my throat and gagged, disappointed that he couldn’t see me mocking him and his American exceptionalism.  For every “America is the greatest nation on earth” comment he threw at me, I pointed out American imperialism all over the world and how innocent young troops were being duped into killing loads of civilians overseas for corporate interests.

His flag-waving (and apparently his drinking) continued, and so did my eye-rolling.

Then came this:

your [expletive] grandparents were nazis or nazi sympathizers, no? or they simply sat back and let hitler come to power. so you are german? Huh…that helps expalin (sic) some of your sick [expletive] views. and if you hate america, why the [expletive] are you here?

Out of all 74 comments on that thread, that one ticked me off more than any other.  People know I am very protective of my family and that I am proud of my German heritage.  And they also know that I loathe, hate, despise and abominate the Nazis more than anything in this world.  I refuse to associate with anyone who uses such vile and disgusting language in my presence.

The funniest part is that the jerk thinks I hate America because I am 110% against war regardless of how “just” the government says it is.  It’s as if he thinks military action and bombs are the only things that define America.

I do not forgive people like that.  They are dead to me.  I also do not forget it when they call my family—whom they have never met—Nazi sympathizers just because they happen to be German.

He certainly is not the only person to call me derogatory names.   I am used to criticism.  But he just found out that I do not sit around and take it for long.  I cut negative people out of my life.  I do not feel the need to help them through their addictions and mental issues, especially when they have gone out of their way to be nasty to me.  Forget it, buddy.  You messed with the wrong chick.

I do apologize to everyone for this long-winded rant, but I just had to get it off my chest and let it go because it has bothered me for longer than I want it to.  Now back to regularly scheduled blogging…

I feel loads better now!

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