Will the President Make a Difference in Your Life?

For the next few days I am playing catch up here on the Daily Hottentots.  Work—and life in general—has made it extremely difficult to sit down and write lately.  But I will be all caught up by Thursday or Friday…I hope.

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As you can assume by the headline, today’s post is all about politics.  I know that some of you are out there groaning and rolling your eyes because you expect more from me, but I promise you that this will be one of the rare times I feel the need to rattle my virtual gums about politics on here.

This election year finally wraps up two weeks from today.  All the attack ads from the major parties will end.  All the pandering and baby-kissing will be no more.

What will people do with themselves then?  They will do what they always do—automatically start complaining about the winner and will continue complaining for the next four years.

For some reason people think that these elections actually mean something.  They think that if they can get their man in office then their life will be better somehow.  But does the election, or the president, have any real impact on you personally?  Will whomever gets into office make a real difference in your life?  Probably not.

I can almost guarantee you that once the election is over in November, and once the oath of office is taken in January, it will be business as usual in Washington.  And that business does not involve your best interests, but somehow they will convince you that it does.

The president and state representatives do not make your life better.  Indeed, they make it worse, especially if you are in the military or the family of a service member.  The thing our government does best is go to war in the name of “national security” and “national interest.”  We pick an enemy and then we go into their countries, bomb civilians (the “collateral damage”), and then come home screeching, “Mission accomplished!”

Remember how Barack Obama said that he was going to disarm nukes and end wars?  You should have known that was BS.   We still have nukes and we still have wars.  We have gone into Pakistan and dropped bombs there, causing more of that “collateral damage,” and have flown into Libya to drop bombs as a way of helping people being tortured by a dictator (yeah, dropping bombs indiscriminately is a huge help).  Now the press is preparing us for possible military action with Syria and Iran.

We have to go into Iran, see, because they are not allowed to make nuclear weapons.  Only the US and Britain and Israel are allowed to have those, see.  And if a little hole-in-the-wall like Iran has nukes, then we have to fight them in the name of “national security.”

Meanwhile, while we are off playing war with other countries, the citizens of the United States get screwed.  Poor children (about one in five children) go to bed hungry every night in this country.  The media and the government try to lie about that or sweep it under the rug hoping no one will notice, but the fact is, we have hungry families who receive very little help.  This should not be happening in a country like the United States.

Do you still think the President of the United States will make a difference in your life?

Ladies and gentlemen, the government is a huge joke.  This country should be run by the people and for the people.  We should have communities all over the US deciding the best course of action to take on anything…not some government fat cat who doesn’t know your name, but sure wants your vote.  It is extremely insulting that wealthy men and women think that it is in everyone’s best interest when they make all your decisions for you.

Unfortunately, I know that my vision of a classless, stateless America is a pipe dream.  And we would probably screw things up like Russia did after the Bolshevik Revolution if we got the chance to really change things.  For some reason we refuse to learn from history.

But I still hold out the hope that people everywhere will soon realize that voting does not do them a bit of good as long as we are given a choice between Fascism and Fascism Lite as we have with Mittens and Barack Obama in this election.


Bust Out of That Closet and Be Yourself

National Coming Out Day logo, designed by arti...

National Coming Out Day logo, designed by artist Keith Haring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is National Coming Out Day here in the US and in various countries around the world.  This is a very important day for the LGBT community.  It i’s a day that celebrates people finally accepting and publicly admitting who they are.  It is also a day that attempts to bring awareness to our “representatives” and the public about gay and lesbian rights.

It seems very strange that the so-called “land of the free” denies rights to certain people.  The Constitution is supposed to guarantee rights for all people is it not?  Well, the LGBT community is denied rights all the time, just like people of certain races and religious backgrounds are/have been denied rights they should have had all along.

And those prejudices are often made into constitutional amendments.  The very document that outlines freedoms for some has made it perfectly clear that some people are not good enough.

Here is the message this country is sending people when we deny basic human rights to others:  You are only allowed to have rights if you are the right color, the right religion, or the right sexual orientation.  If you are not white, Christian, and heterosexual, you are out of luck—you are not entitled to anything.

Is this really the message we want to send?  If it is, then can you really, honestly, believe that America is the greatest country on earth?  How can a country that thinks anyone is less than human be the greatest at anything?

Why do people care if John and Jim want to get married?   They do not care when Adam and Eve walk down the aisle.  When a heterosexual couple get married it is a beautiful and blessed event, but when a gay couple kiss in public or want to get married, all hell breaks loose.  It is unnatural and should not be allowed…right?


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The Bisexual flag and Gay flag put together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality.  Human beings are not the only ones that choose partners of the same-sex.  Research has found that same-sex couplings are “found in nearly all animals.”  Deny it if you want, but it is true.

So if you are someone who is struggling with your sexuality, I ask you to stop. You are better than the bullies telling people they are perverts and freaks.  So bust out of that closet and be yourself, brothers and sisters.  Announce to the world that you are who you are and people are just going to have to accept it.  If they are unwilling to do that, then you do not need them in your life.

No one should ever have to deny who and what they are in this society.  Do you agree?

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