I Do Not Forgive and I Do Not Forget

RANT, this way

RANT, this way (Photo credit: Nesster)

Ladies and gentlemen, you will have to forgive me for this wee rant today but I have been ticked off for the past several days because of some pretty nasty things some jerk said to me.  My creative thoughts will be stifled until I get this crap off of my chest.  I do not like to use this blog as a rant dump, but today is just one of those days.

I hope the jerk that ticked me off reads this!  And I hope that some of you out there can relate to what I am about to say….

The other day on my Facebook, I was on one of my political rants about so-called “liberals” and this “friend” who is apparently on the right-wing lunatic fringe started posting extremely profane comments on the thread.  He called me names that began with a “c” and a “b” and pretty much everything in between, and told me that he thought anarchists should be lined up and shot to death.

(For those of you who don’t know, I am an anarchist, and I am used to that guy’s brand of volatility…)

He went on and on with his macho flag-waving super patriotism whilst I shoved my finger down my throat and gagged, disappointed that he couldn’t see me mocking him and his American exceptionalism.  For every “America is the greatest nation on earth” comment he threw at me, I pointed out American imperialism all over the world and how innocent young troops were being duped into killing loads of civilians overseas for corporate interests.

His flag-waving (and apparently his drinking) continued, and so did my eye-rolling.

Then came this:

your [expletive] grandparents were nazis or nazi sympathizers, no? or they simply sat back and let hitler come to power. so you are german? Huh…that helps expalin (sic) some of your sick [expletive] views. and if you hate america, why the [expletive] are you here?

Out of all 74 comments on that thread, that one ticked me off more than any other.  People know I am very protective of my family and that I am proud of my German heritage.  And they also know that I loathe, hate, despise and abominate the Nazis more than anything in this world.  I refuse to associate with anyone who uses such vile and disgusting language in my presence.

The funniest part is that the jerk thinks I hate America because I am 110% against war regardless of how “just” the government says it is.  It’s as if he thinks military action and bombs are the only things that define America.

I do not forgive people like that.  They are dead to me.  I also do not forget it when they call my family—whom they have never met—Nazi sympathizers just because they happen to be German.

He certainly is not the only person to call me derogatory names.   I am used to criticism.  But he just found out that I do not sit around and take it for long.  I cut negative people out of my life.  I do not feel the need to help them through their addictions and mental issues, especially when they have gone out of their way to be nasty to me.  Forget it, buddy.  You messed with the wrong chick.

I do apologize to everyone for this long-winded rant, but I just had to get it off my chest and let it go because it has bothered me for longer than I want it to.  Now back to regularly scheduled blogging…

I feel loads better now!


4 Ways to Make People Think You Have Lost Your Mind

Alice’s Abenteuer im Wunderland Übersetzer: An...

Mad Hatter and March Hare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After seeing that headline you are probably thinking, “Angie, why would I want people to think I have lost my mind?  That’s crazy talk!”  Well, there is one very important reason for that:  it’s Mad Hatter Day here in the United States.

I know, some of you in Great Britain are probably huffing and puffing, saying that I got it all wrong, that Mad Hatter Day is June 10 (10 June?).  Well, we here in the US have to do things differently than you, obviously, so our day is October 6.

What is Mad Hatter Day exactly? Started in Boulder, Colorado in 1986 and gaining some popularity a couple of years later (I admit that I was not aware of this day until a few days ago), it is a day that people celebrate being silly. Think April Fool’s Day without all the crazy—sometimes mean-spirited—pranks.

So put away that shaving foam, fake vomit, rubber spiders, and itching powder.  You do not need them.  Instead, try the following four things that will probably make people think you have lost your mind, which will make them all the more fun to do.


The 31 Flavors of October


October (Photo credit: ccrrii)

Happy Monday and Happy October, everyone!  *sniffs the air*  MMM…I love a new month smell, don’t you?  October is especially pleasant because the days are shorter and autumn is in full swing.  The leaves turn brilliant colors and then fall dead from skinny tree branches.  And pretty soon, adults and children alike will build bonfires and dress up in bizarre costumes to get money and candy…and loads of attention.

The freaks come out at night in October, my babies…. (more…)

I Broke the Internet…Again

Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)

Testing 1..2..3…

Psst… Is anybody out there?

Hello, my babies.  Long time, no see.  One of these days I am going to figure out this terribly complicated thing called the internet, and technology in general.  I swear I will.

This morning I had about a half-dozen techs from this, that, and what have you at my place digging around in wires and trying to get things turned on.  I have had internet connection issues for a while, and this past week some pretty wicked storms swept through the area and knocked everything out—my electricity, my telephone line, my internet, everything.

I thought that it was I who caused all the trouble.  When I got home from work on Wednesday night, I sat down to my computer, which worked fine for about two minutes, and then it all went down.  I called into the front room, “Oh my God, I think I broke the internet again…” (more…)

Why Didn’t Gargamel Catch Papa Smurf First?

I was born in 1977, so that makes me a child of the 1980s.  As a child of the 1980s I was exposed to awful fashion, excellent music (and I don’t mean hair metal), awesome films, and the best damn cartoons ever.  Do you remember watching She-Ra, He-Man, ThunderCats, the LittlesStrawberry Shortcake, and the Smurfs?  They were great, weren’t they?

Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

Gargamel and his cat Azrael. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most little girls, my favorites were She-Ra and Strawberry Shortcake and my least favorite was the Smurfs.  I actually really despised the little blue creatures.  They got on my nerves and felt a sick and sadistic pleasure watching Gargamel the evil wizard set traps for them and catch them every episode.   I wanted him to succeed in using them to make gold.  Unfortunately, in the end Papa Smurf came to save the day…. (more…)

Relaunching the Daily Hottentots

Hello my darling readers!  I have missed you all very much and think I owe you an explanation for my absence from this blog.

Not long after I finished my post on Larry Semon, my computer of four years decided to give up the ghost. so I had to really hustle and get some money together to buy a new one.  Once that was taken care of, the black hole of doom known as AT&T started giving me some major problems.  You kids who have had to deal with them know what I’m talking about, right?

My contract was up with them in August and I wanted to switch to another ISP.  That should have been simple enough…but it wasn’t.  Every time I called I was transferred to 20 people from 10 departments (an exaggeration, of course, but not by much), all of them clueless and really eager to sell me something.

They refused to give up my line and let my new ISP take over.  After a more than a month of phone calls and panic attacks, I was finally able to get them to free up my line today, September 10, 2012.  But they still have my modem locked up…even though it is not their property.  I have to get online through a manual broadband connection, which is irritating, but I can at least get online through my new ISP now.  Thank God.

Next week, I am officially relaunching The Daily Hottentots.  All the changes I planned on making are effective this coming Sunday and I hope that I can win back all my loyal readers.  I hope everyone understands that it was never my intention to abandon this blog.  I love it and my readers.  I want to win you guys back and perhaps bring in some new readers and subscribers.  If you know anyone who would enjoy my wacky brand of whatever this is, please spread the word!  I want to get back into the game again.  Will you help me?

Help, I Can’t Move My Arms!—How To Work Out the Wrong Way

Six months ago today, I quit smoking cold turkey.  I just woke up one morning and decided to lay down a 22 year, two-pack-a-day habit for good, and  I haven’t looked back.  (Feel free to applaud at any time.)

I’d love to say I feel great, but I really don’t.  Yes, I can breathe better, and  I have my sense of smell and taste back, but I’ve been constantly sick with something ever since I quit smoking.  But hey,  I can walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing now, and I actually know what my tofu scramble tastes like when I eat breakfast in the morning.  (It’s delish. :D)  If those two things aren’t incentive to stay away from cigarettes, then the fact that every time I smell cigarette smoke I gag is.  My God, those things smell like burning rubbish!

Unfortunately, like many people who quit smoking, I have replaced cigarettes with food.   I have eaten my way to a fat backside, people.  I seriously have gone up three sizes in six months.  At first I tried to blame my gall stone pancreatitis, which causes swelling, but it isn’t that.  It’s that I made upwards of FIFTY trips to the fridge and pantry a day.  OH. EM. GEE.  I was out of control, and could no longer fit into my clothes.

When I realized how fat I had become (it just comes on all of a sudden!), I joined a gym.  It’s been great fun.  I’ve taken up Tai Chi, Yoga, and Zumba classes, and am losing weight.  Woo hoo!

New Reebok Elliptical Cross-Trainer

A cross trainer similar to the one that tried to kill me last week. (Photo credit: DanieVDM)

Last week I decided to try this cross trainer machine that promises a full body workout.  Everyone at the gym gave it rave reviews, so I thought, “What the heck?  I’m going to get on it.” (more…)

The Top 5 Words That Should Disappear from the English Language

This is going to be a fun week for me.  I am making it all about lists.   I love lists—I love making them and I love reading them.  Lists are awesome.  Don’t you agree?


Words (Photo credit: Southernpixel Alby.us)

I am going to start off my week with a top 5 list of words that I find completely revolting.  I never use them unless I absolutely have to—like now, on this blog post.  Just typing them makes me uncomfortable. (more…)

I’m Officially a Cougar!

English: North Amerian Cougar

I am cougar hear me roar! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello readers!  Did ya miss me?  I’ve been off for the past few days, you know.  I’ve had a very busy weekend.

Friday was my 35th birthday.   And this is the first time since I entered my thirties that I have admitted to most people how old I am.  Like many women, I decided that I would rather celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday.  I did not want to let go of my youth.  The over 30s set is mature and graying…and wrinkling.  It’s not such a bad time for men.  They suddenly become “distinguished” when they get older.  Women start to sag and generally fall apart.  (I had a head start on all this—I began falling apart in my late 20s.)  The sagging and other unsightly things are what made me dread becoming a thirty-something.

But this year is different.  I am thrilled to be 35-years-old.  It’s a sexy age for us, ladies!  We are the MILF, the cougars, the Mrs. Robinsons.  We’re the sexy, mature ladies who can turn on the charm and get those young, impressionable frat boys to do whatever we want!


*looks in mirror at self*

*starts to weep a little*

Okay, my babies, I have a wee bit of work to do if I expect to turn heads…  And all that work will cost a lot of $$.  I’ll need a tummy tuck, butt lift, chemical peels…the works.   Then  I’ll be able to get any sensitive art student I want.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  (I warn you, you might be waiting for years…)

And that’s it for now, kids.  I’m back to my regular posting schedule, so please consider subscribing via RSS or e-mail to receive updates about new posts!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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