Daily Blogging Breakup

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you have to break down and admit that you just can’t continue doing something anymore?

When you start a project, you jump right in, all gung-ho about it.  Then, suddenly, after several weeks or several months, it feels like work. Your mind becomes occupied with other things and the thing you were so enthusiastic about in the beginning is not doing it for you anymore.  You find that you are uninspired all the time and do not even want to bother with it.

That is the point I have reached with this blog.  I tried to deny that I was getting burned out with it, but looking at some of my content lately, it is obvious to me.  I have posted because I feel that I have to.  Even when I am uninspired.  The result is mediocre at best content.  Yuck.

I always do this to myself.  When I embark upon a new blog, I feel that I have to blog every day to keep my readers entertained.  Then I burn out within months…if I last that long.  I have to remind myself that daily blogging is not for me.  I cannot do it, especially now that I have a full-time job (when I started this blog I was unemployed) and my time is extremely limited.

I am also not blogging about my passions.  I like motivational/inspirational things, but it isn’t what I am most passionate about.  My passions are old Hollywood/movies in general (especially silent films, film noir, German expressionist films) and art.  That is one fatal mistake many bloggers make—they do not blog about something they are truly passionate about and then they burn out before they know it.

Has that happened to you?

I am most happy when I am lost in a black and white world, watching flickering images of exaggerated gestures from actors in heavy makeup.  And I believe that is why Silent Star Saturday was my most popular post through the week on this blog.  People saw how much I loved what I was talking about every week.  Oh, and do not think that I have given up the idea of starting a whole new blog dedicated to Silent Star Saturday.  I am in the middle of doing research and preparing other things before I launch that blog.  It’s coming, brothers and sisters, but just a little later than I originally thought.

The one thing I got from the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month is that I am better off when I am posting about once or twice (at max three times) a week.  I cannot force myself to do the daily blogging thing anymore, especially now that the time I am able to spend online has been cut in half.

I will keep this blog up, for sure, but I will only post on it from time to time to keep people updated on the launch of other blogs I have in the works.  I hope all my readers understand and appreciate the fact that I have burned out on daily blogging and just cannot do it anymore. 😦

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  1. Whether or not you do a daily blog or an occasional one is entirely up to you. It’s your blog. End of story. It’s yours to manipulate, mandate and manufacture. Take the time to type your passion when you feel it, not because you feel obligated to. Well done, you for doing a blog at all. But I repeat, be passionate when you feel like it. I’m sure the other folks who follow your blog will understand and respect your move. 😀

  2. I blogged every day for a while this summer and then eased off so there’s no schedule. Almost every day there’s a post but when you feel you have to post out of duty, that’s a drag. There are no rules except our own which is why blogging is so cool. I enjoy your blog and I’ll take what I can get when you’re up to it and thank you for it.

  3. I enjoy your blog also. And yes, I have experienced burnout (not on my current blog, because I’ve kept it an “anything goes” blog on purpose). No one should blog out of a sense of duty. So please post when you wish and rest assured, I will be reading it.

  4. I TOTALLY understand, I burnt out a while back myself.


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