Do You Need a Sky Daddy?—How Religion Preys on the Weak

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

Who’s your sky daddy? (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

What is God?  Is he/she/it your daddy in the sky?  Do you think that they are really looking down on earth and keeping a checklist of everything you say and do here?  If you don’t say and do the right things, watch out!  God is going to cast you into a lake of fire for all eternity.

When did your first become aware of God?  Did you just wake up one morning and suddenly realize there was one?  Or did someone else tell you all about him?

If you are truly ignorant of the great sky daddy, will he still cast you into the fiery pits of Hell?

A lot of religious people avoid these questions when I, or anyone else I know, ask them.

Another important question is:  do you need a sky daddy?  Why do you need one?  Why can’t you live independently and make your own way in life without living your life according to something you have never seen much less spoken to?  Doesn’t that seem kind of silly?

Now I am going to say something that will probably shock you:  I believe there is a God that created the universe (I am a Deist); however, the God that religions have made up is a sadistic jerk who gets off on genocide.  And that God, ladies and gentlemen, does not exist.  If he does exist, people are pretty stupid to worship him.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people come to God, and religion, when they have hit rock bottom in life?  They have had trials with violent crime, drugs, alcohol, disease, etc. and suddenly God comes to them and saves them from themselves.

Did God really come to these people or did a mortal have something to do with this sudden revelation?

Religions—all of them—are known to prey on the weak and pick off the undesirable people among the human race.  Missionaries, priests, and other men of the cloth convince millions that they were blessed with the special ability to read God’s mind.  They go into foreign lands and teach the ignorant masses all about God and tell them that they must be saved.

English: 19th century Burmese temple painting....

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indeed, the Catholic Church has done this for centuries.  And if people do not comply with what they are taught, they are tortured and killed in the name of God.

These religious types come to you when you are at your must vulnerable and convince you that you must have God in your life and you must do his will.  Read the Bible—and do not stray from the Word!  God will smite you for it.  If you’re a really good little boy or girl, you’ll get a mansion in the sky and get to hang out with some pretty cool people.  If you’re bad, you will be pitchforked by demons for all eternity.

If  I were still an impressionable little child who was scared of monsters under the bed, I just might believe that BS.  And that is exactly what religinuts are counting on….

God gave us reason not religion. Man created religion to control people, not to teach them about God or Gods.  The things they do and say make that obvious.

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