Don’t Let Writer’s Block Destroy Your Life

#ds139 "Writer's Block"

(Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

The blinking cursor of death is haunting you again, isn’t it?  You have sat there staring at a blank screen for what seems like hours, but nothing is coming to you.

You have that horrible affliction that every writer experiences at least once in his or her life—writer’s block.

You dread it, yet you think you are full of such good ideas that it will never happen to you.  But then it hits you, and you are devastated.  You begin to wonder if you will ever write again.  Then you begin to wonder if writing is even worth it.  No one ever reads what you write anyway.

Your self-esteem is shot.  Your potential career as the world’s biggest blogger or hottest dime store romance author is doomed all thanks to that damned blinking cursor on your screen.

Do not despair, my friend.  As with anything in life, this too shall pass.   You will get over it and come back better than ever.  This writer’s block is good for you.  It forces you to look for new ways to be creative.  So do not let it destroy your life.  Embrace it…and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

If you have gone to any of the 5 fantastic places to find inspiration (or any number of websites that were created with the writer in mind) and still cannot think of anything to write about, just step away from the computer and take a deep breath.  Something should come to you eventually.  It’s not the end of the world, my babies.

When all else fails, why don’t you try writing about writer’s block?  Have you ever thought about doing that?

Maybe, or maybe not.  I’ve found that when I have writer’s block and start rummaging through the internet for advice, the people giving it rarely ever mention anything about writing about writer’s block.  I wonder why;  it is an effective way to finally get rid of  the affliction.

When you write about your writer’s block, the ideas start flowing again.  Y0ur hands and eyes are moving along with the cursor on your screen, or the pen on your paper.  And then voilà!  You have nearly 400 words written about something that someone somewhere is going to read, even if it is not all that newsworthy or earth-shattering.

After you have finished putting a period at the end of your last sentence, you sigh contentedly.  You feel accomplished.  And you are ready to start all over again tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, yes, writing about it helps. It gets the proprioceptors going and the creative mind. I used to believe in writer’s block until I wrote about it like you describe. I love journaling for this reason.

    • Journaling is awesome! I keep detailed dream journals and writing journals that I sometimes use for inspiration when all else fails. The dream journals are the most interesting because I have some pretty bizarre dreams.

  2. Excellent advice as NANO is gearing up.
    Diana-from ubc

  3. Thanks for the Pingback 🙂

    I think coming away from it and writing something else is definitely the key. Either journalling or writing from a prompt. Good post 🙂


  4. Whilst i’m not an author I sometimes get a block on what to blog about. Usually stepping away from the PC, watching telly, going for a walk etc… gives me some ideas.

    • I’m the type of person that gets so many ideas in her head at once that it becomes impossible to make sense out of them. *sigh* Just sitting and thinking usually helps.

      Or writing a post about writer’s block… lol

      But yes, stepping away from the PC generally ALWAYS helps.


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