It Is Time To Face Your Fears Head-On

English: Trúður

A scary freekin’ clown…making me think that my irrational fear isn’t so irrational. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are anything like me, you more than likely have an absurdly long list of irrational fears.  (I hope you are nothing like me because I am completely ridiculous!)

Here is my top five list of irrational fears:

1. Clowns

This one is one of the more rational irrational fears.  When one considers clowns that go by the names of Pennywise and John Wayne Gacy, it does not seem too ridiculous to have a fear of clowns, does it?

2. Puppets

Have you ever been to a Punch show?  If not, it’s all about a drunken puppet named Punch who beats the ever-living crap out of his wife Judy.  It’s a centuries old show geared toward children, believe it or not.  Punch and Judy were the first experience I had with puppets as a young child, and it made me deathly afraid of them.

3. Elevators

I absolutely refuse to get on an elevator by myself because I have a crippling fear of them.  I have repeated nightmares about being by myself on an elevator and it suddenly gets stuck, or the cable snaps, sending me to my death.  I have thankfully never been stuck on an elevator in reality, but that is because I tend to avoid them at all costs.

4.  Dead People

Good old necrophobia.  I absolutely hate going to funerals and I make dang sure I am never left alone with the corpse when I cannot get out of going.  I’m afraid that the corpse could spring up and grab me at any moment.

Don’t laugh.  It has happened, you know.  Way back in December 1918, when my granddad was all of nine years old, his grandmother died in a fire.  During her wake she grabbed his arm and they had to break her fingers to release him.  I’m glad my family was kind enough to tell me this as a young child because it caused a lifetime of nightmares and nervous fits.  Who doesn’t want that?  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

5.  Semi Trucks

I hate being near one of these things on the street as a pedestrian or a driver.  Every time I see one I become extremely nervous and hope that it does not overturn and crush me.  I even become nervous seeing one of them roll down my street while I am safe inside my apartment.  I try to avoid them as much as possible—needless to say I don’t get on the highway very much.

Since it is Face Your Fears Day, I have decided to face many of my fears head-on and laugh about how silly I have been all these years.   Thankfully I do not have an opportunity to face my fear of dead people, clowns, or puppets at the moment, but I will be out and about and likely facing some semis and elevators.  I don’t know how I am going to approach the semi situation, but I WILL be getting on elevators all by myself today.  I hope I don’t have a nervous breakdown….

What are some of your fears?  Are they as irrational as mine are?  Are you going to take the opportunity to finally get over how silly it all is once and for all?   If you do, please let me know how it works out for you by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Oh, I loved this, Angie! It really made me chuckle! I’m absolutely there with you at the elevator one. We once had one of those travelling ones that don’t stop but just keep circling the building, where you’d have to put your foot out and step on as the floor hit it and then stick your foot out as the floor you wanted to get off at arrived! Took me 9 months to pluck up the courage to do that. And, even then, I’d make several circuits of the building before I could get off! Happy days…

    • Angie Hottentots-Laurel

       /  October 9, 2012

      I already hate that elevator and I’ve never even seen one like it lol. When I lived in Florida, I worked at a hospital that had an elevator that went side to side instead of up and down. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw your comment. Thank God I never had to stick my foot out to make it stop!

      When I worked in law, I had to go get the mail from the building next door (which I always find odd, but that’s another story for another time), and there was this elevator I HAD to take up to the 3rd floor…there was no way getting around it. I called it the death trap because it zoomed up and down at a breakneck speed. The first time I rode on it, the security guard had to pull me off because I wouldn’t let go of the bar. lol

  2. Daniela

     /  October 9, 2012

    I enjoyed reading this post! We all have fears of something … I am scared of total darkness, like when you can’t see at all and there is no shadows … no way I can sleep in total darkness! It is childish fear I know but what can I say!

    • Angie Hottentots-Laurel

       /  October 9, 2012

      I have night blindness, so I feel you on that one!


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