America, Will You Please Stop Celebrating Genocide?

Christoper Columbus arrives in America

Christoper Columbus, ready to kill some natives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that this is going to make me look rather Anti-American, but I do not care.  This country has celebrated genocide and slavery for far too long.  It needs to stop now.

We prop up dictators for decades and then decide that we are against them for whatever reason several decades later.  When we want to sever ties, we enter their countries and bomb so-called military targets that wind up being full of innocent civilians, many of them children.   Those of us back home are peddled the BS line that military action was necessary to save American lives.

Better them than us, right?

As I sit here and type the media is busy trying to get us to support possible wars with Syria and Iran.   It does not matter who wins the election next month, one or the other will go beg Congress to declare war.  I hope I am wrong, kids, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am right.  Trouble has been brewing for a while now and our so-called representatives will lie to our faces (again) to get us to support dropping bombs on people.

And when we aren’t at war with foreign countries, we support state-sponsored executions of people who, more often than not, have not committed murder.  Don’t you think it would be fair to know that the people we are putting on death row are people who are actually guilty of the crimes they have been accused of committing?

This country, this continent, has always had a bad habit of executing innocent people.  Just take what we are celebrating today as proof of that.  We are celebrating the life of a power-crazy genocidal maniac who exterminated an entire race of peaceful people.

Christopher Columbus was no hero, ladies and gentlemen.  He and the Spaniards destroyed countless human lives because they wanted land and gold.  The people who were already living on the land that now belongs to Haiti and the Dominican Republic were beaten, raped, enslaved, and killed because of greed.  And all this was done in God’s name, by the way.  Christopher Columbus and the rest of these savage beasts fancied themselves “Christians.”

And we celebrate this genocide every year without fail, and look at indigenous peoples here like they are crazy when they go out to protest.

America, let us please forget Christopher Columbus the hero of the seas and remember Christopher Columbus the killer of natives.  We should instead celebrate the culture he found so inferior and fought so hard to get rid of, don’t you agree?

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  1. Good for you Angie, standing up for what you believe and you are so right in my books xxx

  1. In honor of Christopher Columbus.... :-/ - Hankering for History
  2. In honor of Christopher Columbus…. :-/ | Hankering for History

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