4 Ways to Make People Think You Have Lost Your Mind

Alice’s Abenteuer im Wunderland Übersetzer: An...

Mad Hatter and March Hare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After seeing that headline you are probably thinking, “Angie, why would I want people to think I have lost my mind?  That’s crazy talk!”  Well, there is one very important reason for that:  it’s Mad Hatter Day here in the United States.

I know, some of you in Great Britain are probably huffing and puffing, saying that I got it all wrong, that Mad Hatter Day is June 10 (10 June?).  Well, we here in the US have to do things differently than you, obviously, so our day is October 6.

What is Mad Hatter Day exactly? Started in Boulder, Colorado in 1986 and gaining some popularity a couple of years later (I admit that I was not aware of this day until a few days ago), it is a day that people celebrate being silly. Think April Fool’s Day without all the crazy—sometimes mean-spirited—pranks.

So put away that shaving foam, fake vomit, rubber spiders, and itching powder.  You do not need them.  Instead, try the following four things that will probably make people think you have lost your mind, which will make them all the more fun to do.

1. Dance Like Nobody is Watching

I once read a short-short story on a blog that featured a woman who began dancing in her office while everyone looked on while thinking, “What the hell?” (I’m sorry, dear blogger, but I’ve forgotten who you are or I would give you credit for that story.)  The woman continued dancing wildly all the way to the parking lot outside.    She did not care what others thought of her.  She just danced.

Perhaps on this Mad Hatter’s Day you can do what the woman in the story did.  Just dance like nobody is watching.  I often bust out in the Charleston or Soft Shoe Shuffle when I am out and about.  Perhaps you can try those dances, too.  And please, if you do, end it with a sassy pair of jazz hands!

2.  Strike Up Random Conversations with Strangers

Go out and just start talking to a stranger about something silly.

Example:   You see an old woman on the street so you run up to her and start talking about fluffy cotton candy bunnies with crazy eyes and strawberry flavored kitty cats who weep for baby Jesus.  You can then do one of two things:  you can run away before she has a chance to respond OR you can stand there and see what she says to you, if anything.  I’m willing to wager she might be the one doing the running away.

Bonus:  switch up your accent every few words.  For instance, you can go from a southern U.S. accent to a southern England accent, and then try on a South African or South Korean accent. You could even begin talking in foreign languages to keep things interesting.

3.  Break Into Song Out of the Blue, Just Like They Do In Musicals

This is related to #1.  In fact, you could even combine it with #1 and put on a whole production of West Side Story (or any musical of your choice).  Invite some of your friends along for the fun.  You could turn it into a flash mob at the mall or something like that.

Say, perhaps you could get the random stranger you strike up the conversation with to join you in a chorus or two.  You never know!


4.  Have Random Tea Times Throughout the Day with “The March Hare”

English: Illustration of "A Mad Tea Party...

English: Illustration of “A Mad Tea Party” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be just like the Hatter in Alice in Wonderland and indulge in a good cup of tea while rambling on about nonsensical things.  Just grab a big stuffed bunny (the March Hare), some tea-things, and announce “Tea Time!” when you get the urge.  You can sit down in the middle of a sidewalk (or a street if you’re daring…or suicidal), a public park or other type of meeting place, or even at work.

Use some good judgment if you plan on doing this at work.  Your boss might not appreciate what you are doing and give you your walking papers.

How do you plan on celebrating Mad Hatter’s Day?  Have you ever celebrated it before?  If so, what sort of things did you do to shock and amuse people around you?

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  1. I wish this was every day, then I would be normal. 🙂
    Diana-visiting from UBC

    • So true! lol I was thinking the same thing. I occasionally hum “The Original Charleston” and break into a song and dance routine somewhere in my neighborhood. I think the neighbors have come to expect it. 😀

  2. Love it! Sweet, silly fun with cute ideas to implement! 🙂

  3. …and celebrate Unbirthays… I do!


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