I Broke the Internet…Again

Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)

Testing 1..2..3…

Psst… Is anybody out there?

Hello, my babies.  Long time, no see.  One of these days I am going to figure out this terribly complicated thing called the internet, and technology in general.  I swear I will.

This morning I had about a half-dozen techs from this, that, and what have you at my place digging around in wires and trying to get things turned on.  I have had internet connection issues for a while, and this past week some pretty wicked storms swept through the area and knocked everything out—my electricity, my telephone line, my internet, everything.

I thought that it was I who caused all the trouble.  When I got home from work on Wednesday night, I sat down to my computer, which worked fine for about two minutes, and then it all went down.  I called into the front room, “Oh my God, I think I broke the internet again…”

Next day, my electricity went out and the telephone line went with it.


So I have sat here for days without anything except running water because when the electricity goes down, everything goes down in my little overpriced apartment.  My stove, my refrigerator, my washer and dryer, everything.  It’s really frustrating.

Add to that the fact that I have no access to my basement.  When the telephone and internet guys were here, they needed access to a box that is down there, and the only ones with a key to the basement are the weirdos who live in the apartment behind me.  Those nuts were not home, so I had to call my landlord, who supposedly does not have a key to the basement.  (Who owns a building and doesn’t have a key to a door that is in it?)  Great.  So the techs cannot get into the basement.  Somehow they got things fixed so I am back up and running again…for now.  I am not going to keep my hopes up that this will last long since my luck has run short lately.

No…no…I am going to remain optimistic.  I have electricity, my land line, and internet access again, so I am not going to complain.  Now I hope that I am able to regularly post on this blog again and I hope to have things up and running with my new weekly blog by October 6.  (Be on the lookout for updates about that!)

Also, the Ultimate Blog Challenge for October is starting in just a couple of days!  Are you signed up yet?  I am determined to complete this challenge, and I hope you all will join me!

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