Dear Daily Themes, I’m Sorry, but I Am Not That Into You

How many of you out there have daily themes for your blog? How long have you been doing it? How do you keep from getting bored?

I know I am asking a lot of questions, but the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning was that I am just not into the daily theme thing that I started once I got back to the Daily Hottentots. Trending Topic Thursday is especially hard for me because it just does not fit in. This blog relies heavily on motivational/inspirational things, music, and quotes, so a trending topics post close to the end of the week seemed very out-of-place.

Two of people’s favorite regular posts on this blog are Favorite Quote Friday and Silent Star Saturday, so those two will remain. The rest is up in the air at this point or will not continue. I have instead decided to go back to the monthly topics that I had on one of my old blogs. One can do a lot with monthly topics. If the topic is springtime, for instance, I can easily come up with at least 30 blog posts about that off the top of my head. There is a lot of flexibility when you are working with one broad topic. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about daily themes. I feel forced into thinking of something good and my content has suffered because of it.

It may seem as if I am giving up too easily on the changes I made to this blog, considering I just started these new daily themes a couple of weeks ago, but when something just is not working for me, and I cannot figure out a way to keep myself from being bored with it, I kill the idea.  It is not worth the trouble for me to continue with it.

And you have to remember, my babies, that this blog is relatively new.  I started it in the middle of June and was on a forced hiatus from the internet for a while at the end of July.  I am still trying to figure out what works and what sucks.   I will figure it out eventually; I can guarantee you that!

Please do not hate me for switching things up on my readers once again!  But sometimes you have to do what you have to do to keep going.  And if you roll with me, you will have to get used to change because my mind is always working and looking for ways to improve even the tiniest of things.

So starting on Sunday, just pretend that the topic I have chosen to finish the month was what I have posted about all along, okay?


I will see you back here tomorrow for Favorite Quote Friday!

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  1. CopperLeaf Treasures

     /  September 20, 2012

    I do a couple of them… Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday… But try to mix it up the other days! Going to reblog this one.

    • It could be the themes I have chosen that’s aggravating me, to be quite honest…but it’s just not working out for me so now I am going to try something different. Some people might think that I didn’t give it enough time, but oh well.

  2. Reblogged this on Hi I'm Glenda Pitts! and commented:
    Daily themes… Do you do them on your blog? Great post from Daily Hottentots.

  3. Reblogged this on CopperLeaf Treasures and commented:
    Great post from Daily Hottentots… Do you use Daily Themes on your blog?

  4. Looks like you and Leanne Chesser ( have differing views on themes for posts… (I do, too, since mine is just post M to F with things folks want to learn!)

    • I think more than anything I had a problem with the themes I chose. If I go back and do some better planning and test out some posts on Word, I might revisit the daily themes thing. But then again I might not.

      When I first started this blog, I had weekly themes and that was working out pretty well until I decided that I had to make a change. Now I’m going to try out the monthly topic thing and see how that works out. I might cycle back to daily themes or weekly themes eventually.

    • I don’t think we differ. My daily themes are for my Facebook page, not my blog. I prefer a monthly theme for my blog. Thanks for connecting me to Angie, though. Awesome post!

  5. I do a few themes (and just started a new one this week), but most of them aren’t really “themes” as such. I do ABC Wednesday and 6 Word Saturday, both of which can be about anything at all, just within the parameters of the meme, and 5 Question Friday, which are random Q&A about self, so not really a theme; those are all link-ups. On my own, I do a weekly photo round up (also primarily from another blogger, as I use a daily photo challenge as a starting point), and I’ve done the first post of what I think will be a weekly theme–television. Really, that’s the one that’s a real and true theme, so we’ll see how that goes. And, even though most of these aren’t limited to being just about one topic, sometimes I do wonder if it turns the blog into something too regimented. I’m just not sure.

    Also, someone else had mentioned that in October there’s a 31 day challenge to write about one topic all month long. It’s interesting to hear you say that’s an approach you’ve used successfully and comfortably, because it sounds really hard to me. I’m thinking about doing it about television, because it’s a long-time interest of mine, and because that would give me a decent idea of whether I’d really want to write about the topic every week for who knows how long. But I really don’t know that I can churn out 31 consecutive posts on the same broad topic.

    Sorry to have written a novel here, but this is something I’ve also thought about a lot, and it’s always interesting to me to see how others handle the idea.

    • I think the trick to using a broad topic all month long is to pick a broad topic. For instance, next month is National Arts & Humanities month, so I can do a gazillion posts on that

  6. I really enjoyed this post. My blog is a four months old now and I didn’t do themes at all, but at this point,I’m going to try doing some themes, that have been developing as I move forward with my blog and learn what people are interested in. For me, I’m hoping it will help keep me focused and organized. I also hope that it will offer continuity to my readers. We’ll see!

    Someone said something about a challenge to do 31 posts on the same overall topic? Do you know what the name of that challenge is and how to find it? The idea of it intrigues me….

    • I don’t know what that challenge would be, but there is a challenge going on now called the Ultimate Blog Challenge. You post 31 posts in 31 days.

  7. Fascinating! In trying to come up with topics for this month’s UBC, I thought about creating the daily topic but feel it’s almost a cop out. I DO, however, love the idea of a monthly theme. Don’t worry about changing things around. Just keep talking to your readers and we will adapt 🙂 I like the way you write.

    • Thank you, Liz! I like experimenting a lot, and at times I think that I might be pissing off my readers by changing things up as often as I do so I always have this apologetic tone when I make any changes lol.

  8. I only have one theme day, and it’s primarily because it’s a low traffic day. I also wanted to bring attention to some great resources out there, hence “Sunday Shout-Out”. I’ve been thinking of adding a “What Works Wednesday” but I’m not sure yet. I’m starting to feel like I it would be OK not to do the theme every week, but it’s there if I want to. I don’t think my readers would be upset if I switched it up from time to time.

  9. I think daily themes can be interesting for your readers and especially can give you some structure in terms of what to write about it. But I also think you can overdo it. One or two days of the week is plenty, in my humble opinion. Plus I also think it is perfectly fine to give yourself permission to drop the whole idea if/when it’s no longer working for you. I am dropping my “Tuesdays with TED” for now as I’m starting a new theme for the whole month of October. I’ll see how I feel about reinstating it when November comes around.


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