A Real Girl Made of Plastic

In nearly every magazine you pick up or website you go to, you see celebrities who have been nipped, tucked, sucked, lifted, and injected with chemicals.  They shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars to make themselves look better or recapture their faded youth…only to wind up looking like something at a circus sideshow.

Joan Rivers has made a career out of her addiction to going under the knife.  The recently deceased Phyllis Diller admitted to having work done on her face more than a few times.  Poor Barry Manilow can’t even form a smile on his lips because his gigantic cheekbones and chin implants will not allow it.  And check out this photograph of Suzanne Somers from early last year.  I would not have recognized her if it had not been for my friend Steven telling that is who it is.  Sure she’s aged, but the work she has had done is quite obvious.

Sally Field taken at the 62nd Academy Awards 3...

Sally Field at the Academy Awards in 1990. She doesn’t look much different 22 years later, does she? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At 65, actress Sally Field is considered an elderly woman. However it looks as though she might have stopped aging at around 35 years old.  Field has never admitted to plastic surgery but come on.  Can you really believe that she looks as good as she does these days without a little help?  If all her parts are the one she originally came with, then I am totally jealous of her amazing genes.  She needs to bottle that crap up and sell it.

Don’t get me wrong, my babies.  I’m not knocking these celebs for getting their little nip and tuck.  On the contrary.  I’d like to talk to their plastic surgeons about getting some work done.  If we can ever get Sally to talk about her work, I wan the guy (or gal) who keeps her looking young.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind if they made me look like Sally…actually look like her.

I decided a long time ago that if I ever won the lottery, that I was going to get everything lifted, tucked, sucked in, and peeled off.  By the time I am Sally Field’s age, I probably won’t have any of my original parts left.  I will not be embarrassed by my plastic surgery.  Like Joan Rivers, I am going to be loud and proud about it and recommend the doctor to all my friends who want work done.

I have a terrible fear of growing old.  It’s not being old that gets me…it’s looking old.  Right now I’m fine.  People tell me that I could easily pass for someone in her twenties.  But I am already getting gray hair and little lines around my eyes.  In five years (when I turn 40), I might look as haggard as Mother Theresa.  I do not want that.  So if I ever win the lotto, I am going to spend a large sum of it on plastic surgery.  I’m going to have my face peeled and implanted with a new chin, cheeks, and forehead; I’m going to get a boob lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction.   I’m going to do whatever it takes to look good, people.  And it’s all going to be thanks to whomever it is that helps Sally Field look good at 65.  I’m going to be  a real girl made almost entirely of plastic.

Do you think you would ever get plastic surgery?  What would you have done?  Better yet, have you already been under the knife?  How has that worked out for you?

By the way, today’s post is a part of the ongoing series Word Prompt Wednesday.  Today’s prompt, from Always Write at CorbettHarrison.com, was:   “Is plastic surgery an option?  Without being vulgar, write about the body part still attached to you that you would most like to dis-attach and replace with a better one.”

Please leave your thoughts about this topic by leaving a comment below.  I look forward to your feedback!

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  1. You know, right up until I had my most recent ‘real’ surgery, I would have said yes to the plastic surgery question. But now? I think the answer would have to be no.The real stuff hurts enough and takes long enough to recover from. I have no ‘fans’ who expect me to look a certain way and I’m at the age that I don’t give a damn anymore. Now ten years ago? You’d have gotten a different answer! 🙂

    • Yeah, real surgery sucks lol. But I am still terribly afraid of looking old. I won’t get plastic surgery, though, unless it’s Sally Field’s plastic surgeon doing the work. :p

  2. Looking old? I’m more worried about feeling and thinking old! I don’t want to worry about taking out my bike because my bones will hurt even more after a ride. I don’t want to be a cranky old man (like someone who is currently running for President) that is so worried about what he may have that he wants others to never get any.
    Sure, I resent the fact that my blondish-red hair is now grey with a hint of light. And, my beard would make the mythical Santa jealous. But, what the hay… I’m still here, I’m still able to hear, and I’m still able to make this world a better place…

    • *sigh* That is true.

      And it’d be awful if I were to get plastic surgery and wound up being like Barry Manilow. The guy can’t even smile now. 😦 That’d be worse than having a couple wrinkles.

  3. I thought you were going to talk about the girl who made herself look like a Barbie doll. Have you heard of her? She’s CREEPY looking. She SWEARS she hasn’t had any work done, but according to doctors, in order to achieve a Barbie-like weight, you have to have RIBS REMOVED. Like, bones…out of your body.

    Overall, I don’t think a little work is bad. Sometimes it can really enhance someone’s features. When it gets carried away {Joan Rivers} is when it’s just ridiculous. I’m pro-plastic surgery as long as people don’t start looking scary. Sally Fields looks amazing. If she’s gone under the knife then go for it!

    • Is it sad that I was unfamiliar with the Barbie girl and had to look her up? And boy, is she sure full of herself!

      I think a little plastic surgery here and there is all right. And, naturally, if it is something that can fix a deformity it is great. It can do wonders for a person’s self esteem.

  4. First, they were very secretive wouldn’t send me pictures over the internet. Also, my aunt was suppose to go with me but she passed away before we left. Then, when I got to the airport, my flight was grounded so instead of making arrangements to get there, I decided to just go home. I was going to go to Costa Rica to have my face lift. But things happened that made me change my mind.


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