Relaunching the Daily Hottentots

Hello my darling readers!  I have missed you all very much and think I owe you an explanation for my absence from this blog.

Not long after I finished my post on Larry Semon, my computer of four years decided to give up the ghost. so I had to really hustle and get some money together to buy a new one.  Once that was taken care of, the black hole of doom known as AT&T started giving me some major problems.  You kids who have had to deal with them know what I’m talking about, right?

My contract was up with them in August and I wanted to switch to another ISP.  That should have been simple enough…but it wasn’t.  Every time I called I was transferred to 20 people from 10 departments (an exaggeration, of course, but not by much), all of them clueless and really eager to sell me something.

They refused to give up my line and let my new ISP take over.  After a more than a month of phone calls and panic attacks, I was finally able to get them to free up my line today, September 10, 2012.  But they still have my modem locked up…even though it is not their property.  I have to get online through a manual broadband connection, which is irritating, but I can at least get online through my new ISP now.  Thank God.

Next week, I am officially relaunching The Daily Hottentots.  All the changes I planned on making are effective this coming Sunday and I hope that I can win back all my loyal readers.  I hope everyone understands that it was never my intention to abandon this blog.  I love it and my readers.  I want to win you guys back and perhaps bring in some new readers and subscribers.  If you know anyone who would enjoy my wacky brand of whatever this is, please spread the word!  I want to get back into the game again.  Will you help me?

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  1. Welcome back!

    Oh, and I like this new look; if you changed it before your technical difficulties booted you offline, I hadn’t seen it yet, but it looks nice.

    • Thank you very much! It’s soooo great to be back!! I’ve missed this blog a great deal.

      And I did manage to get the new look loaded before my complete technological breakdown. Phew! It fits me. 😀

  2. So glad to see you are back, I was missing my daily ‘newspaper’. The new look is very swanky and professional looking. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us 😀

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