That’s Amore!—6 Not-So-Typical Songs About Love

Right now, thanks to this post’s headline, you probably have Dean Martin’s voice stuck in your head, don’t you?  And at some point during the day you will randomly burst into song.

Bells will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling

And you’ll sing, “Vita Bella”

Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay

Like a gay tarantella

That’s the first song that always goes through my head when I think of love.  It could be because I live in St. Louis’ Little Italy (“The Hill”) and I hear that song a lot at restaurants around here.  I could think of dozens of other classic songs about love that people sing in the shower or in random moments at the office…but I’m not going to do that today.  No.  Today I am going to bring to you 6  not-so-typical songs about love. And when I say “not-so-typical” I mean they aren’t the first songs people think about when it  comes to love.

Are any of your favorites on the list?

1.  “This Love” by Pantera

It’s hard to believe this song is over 20 years old, isn’t it?  Gee, that makes me feel old.  I was in high school when this came out.  We’d drive round the city streets, singing this at the top of our lungs. *sigh* Memories….

Released on Pantera’s album Vulgar Display of Power, this song is about love gone bad, and remains one of the band’s most popular songs.

2.  “Love Song” by Simple Minds

This song goes back to when Simple Minds was a great band untouched by the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club.  It’s an artsy number with a danceable beat released on the band’s 1981 album Sister Feelings Call.

If I cared enough, I would find a way to get a hold of Jim Kerr and ask him what the heck this song is about.  The lyrics are a wee bit confusing.

America’s a boyfriend

Untouched by flesh of hand

Heartbeat under

Heartbeat under

Heartbeat under

Heartbeat under

Some promised land

*Blinks* Say huh?

3.  “This is Love” by PJ Harvey

When I was younger, I wanted to be PJ Harvey.   She was (and still is, really) the coolest chick EVER.   And I dare you to name anyone other than PJ who can make a fringed jacket look sexy.  This song is one of her more recent tunes, but she proves that not everything released in the noughties is complete crap.

4.  “Since I Fell for You”  by Lenny Welch

This  song is a jazz standard written and originally performed in 1945 by Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra.  Since then it has been performed by many popular artists including Eartha Kitt (1950), Doris Day (1963), and my darling Barbra Streisand (1971).  But I think that Lenny Welch’s 1963 version is the best.  He makes it more depressing.

So, while this is a song that most people are familiar with, it’s an anti-love song of sorts.   And I really wanted to include it on this list. :p

5.  “Popcorn Love” by BBQ Chickens

If you’ve never heard of BBQ Chickens, you’re not alone.  They’re a Japanese punk band that I was introduced to by a friend of mine about 10 years ago and are known for nonsensical songs like this one.

6.  “My Little Bimbo (Down on the Bamboo Isle)”  by Frank Crumit

My babies, if you thought things were sweet and innocent back in your granny’s (or great-granny’s) day, you have another thing coming.   Have you ever seen any of Hollywood’s pre-code pictures?  Hot stuff.   And the music of the 1920s could get rather racy.  “My Little Bimbo”, written and recorded way back in 1920, is talking about a sailor’s raunchy rendezvous with an island native.  And it’s always been one of my all-time favorite tunes.

So what do you think about this week’s list of 6 songs?  Which tunes would you have included on a list of not-so-typical love songs?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. “all the same” by Sick Puppies. Its actually about how the girlfriend keeps leaving and then coming back to her ex with her heart broken, but he doesn’t care because he loves her.
    “I don’t mind where you come from
    As long as you come to me
    But I don’t like illusions I cant see
    Them clearly
    I don’t care, no I wouldn’t dare
    To fix the twist in you
    You’ve shown me eventually what you’ll do
    I don’t mind
    I don’t care
    As long as you’re here…”

    • Interesting. I don’t think I have ever heard of that song, but I am going to look it up. Sick Puppies sounds vaguely familiar to me (but it might be because it sounds like Skinny Puppy…:P)

  2. I couldn’t get any of the songs to play. (OK, I got the first 13 seconds of Pantera, so i realized I did know it…) I’ll try to find them on the web.

    • Gee, that’s bizarre, Roy. I checked the links, and they seem to be working fine for me, but I will test it in other browsers just to make sure the links are working with all of them.


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