God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion

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God gave us reason, not religion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many of you are aware of the fact that religion is a man-made thing?  It is a way to control people, and to make them obey and observe whatever absurd customs a society comes up with at any given time.   Do you think God gave us religion?  If so, which one is the right one?  How do you know it is the right one?

As a Deist, I believe that God created the world and all mankind; he gave us minds to think, to create.  And…that’s about it.

Many religions in the world today paint this picture of the Creator as some sort of sky daddy who will smack your hands and punish you if you don’t do what He says.  However, if you start thinking for yourself, and start studying history, you will find that a lot of the so-called “sins” that God hates are things that society has frowned upon at one time or another.

Where, I ask you, is the proof that God wants you to speak and behave in a certain way to get into Heaven?  The Bible?  The Bible, my friends, has been tainted by translations.  And there is no proof, even if it weren’t spoiled by people with an agenda, that it was divinely inspired.  If it were, it honestly just makes God look like a raging maniac who changes His mind a lot, don’t you think?  Other religious texts can be viewed the same way.

Let’s just face facts:   man has created God in his own image.  This is why things like organized religion exist.  People want God to behave in a certain way because it justifies their own prejudices.  The sooner we can come to terms with this, the better off our world would be.

Yes, I believe in God.  I am not an Atheist.  But I am not someone who is going to fall for the baloney that Christians and other religions want to peddle about God being an angry bigot.  He’s not.   And why on earth people would choose to worship someone or something that has such anger issues is beyond me.  I’d rather think of God as someone who created  a complex universe and put us in charge of taking care of it.

We make up all these crazy theories about God because we simply need an excuse to believe He’s there.  All you have to do is look around and you will see evidence in creation.  And if you don’t see it, that’s okay.

Just remember, God gave us reason, not religion.  We have minds, and unfortunately for many of us we refuse to use them because religions are forcing us to stop thinking.  Are you going to continue giving in to your religion, or are you going to open your mind and start using it the way the Creator intended?

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  1. Well, the whole Tree of Wisdom in the Garden of Eden story is a powerful indictment against having an open mind. On a larger perspective, I can’t accept that a Creator God who rules the universe, and probably beyond, is so deeply interested in what every single living thing on earth is doing every single moment in time. I can’t logically believe in a personal God.

  2. Angie! Very awesome bog. I 100% agree with you. Christianity is only another religion. I grew up atheist and when I met God ( He knew me all along) I was floored. It took Him about 3 month to convince me that He is and now I know, because I am born again and reconnected to God. God is holy and we cannot access God fully, because we are NOT holy. God is real and loves all of us humans. However we are clueless, if we do not follow god the way God intends. Since He is God, He hates religion and wants a relationship with us, but we can’t have a relationship in our natural state of existence. praise the lord. I will follow your blogs and if you don’t mind give comments. I am not a deist, but a child ( daughter) of the living God according to John 1:12-14. Much blessings to you!

  3. right on the head…. great blog. Organized religion is a fairy tale made up to control people and to fill the gaps of knowledge.

  4. Duh, I meant, of course, tree of knowledge…

  5. Anonymous

     /  May 11, 2013


  6. Viet Nam

     /  May 11, 2013

    You are just AWESOME! God is the whole Universe. The Creator of Mystic Law. Kneel and We will see the light. Just awesome Blog!

  7. Very interesting post and i am glad to have known about Deism. We are born and grew up in different religion homes and was raised to understand and believe in different theories without using our mind and reason. Religion is a cage to me.

  1. God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion - Religious Education Forum

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