Confessions of a Twitter Hater

This headline probably made you jump up and say, “Oh my God, someone hates Twitter?  How can that be?  Twitter is so awesome!”

Well, I am sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but I hate Twitter.  I find it useless and boring.  I post little status updates or share some content on it for a couple of weeks here and there, but then I grow bored with it and stop posting for two or three months at a time.   Micro blogging just isn’t for me.

Free twitter badge

Is following and sharing on Twitter necessary for a blog’s success? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But sometimes I get the feeling that your presence on Twitter will make or break your blogs that are elsewhere on the internet.  Let me explain.  A fellow, a commenter on this blog and a part of the blogging group I am a part of, mentioned that I need to get a customized Twitter handle for my blog to make it easier to share content.  Okay, I use, which doesn’t allow customization of share buttons as far as I know.  If you click on the  Twitter share button, it will say via @wordpressdotcom instead of via @haphazardgirl (my username).

I honestly didn’t know that the “via @” thing on Twitter was that important to people.  Heck, I’ve even thought about just getting rid of my Twitter account all together because I hate it and don’t really want to use it.  You can’t really have a “via @” tag on a Twitter post if the person whose blog you are sharing doesn’t have an account…right?

So is Twitter, and a “via @” thing on a post, really necessary for a blog’s success (or failure) these days?  Please tell me truthfully.  Because if it is, that’s a bit disheartening.  I’ve never received any traffic to any of my blogs from Twitter.  Most of the traffic I’ve received in the past has been from sites like The Christian Left, ForwardSTL, and Google.  All three of those sent tons of traffic to my old blog, Haphazard Girl.

So what’s the verdict, people?  Is a Twitter handle attached to a share button on a blog really that necessary?  Is Twitter, in general, necessary for blogging success?  I think no, but apparently a few other people think it is.

Let me know what you think by commenting below.

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  1. I have a blog I created a Twitter account for. I created a Facebook identity and page as well but the traffic came largely from the tweets. So I know Twitter works for that. At the same time I get very little if any traction from this id on Twitter to my blog. It has to do with the focus of the id. This is my personal id that is connected to local businesses and people. My town is weird. lol

    I think it can’t hurt an entity or a business to have a Twitter account. Do I think it alone can make or break a blog or platform? No

    A local publisher I know was avoiding Twitter like the plague. Joined it and has not mastered it well. Still her blog was/is getting thousands of views a day based on her Facebook activity.

    She is also not on G+. There was life before Twitter. Some people are still completely functioning without it. I like being there. I even like having multiple accounts. I wish they had lists or circles so I did not need two but oh well.


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