Is America the Greatest Country On Earth?

Flag of the United States of America

Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States is a rich land full of wealthy people and a mighty military.  And we are taught from a very young age that it  is, in fact, the greatest country on earth.  If you don’t agree that we are better than everyone else, then you hate America and everything we stand for.

What is it about this country that supposedly makes it superior to other countries in this world?  And why is it if you dare to question its superiority you are branded an enemy who obviously hates it?

After giving a lot of thought to these questions,  I have come to the conclusion that our military power—our ability to kill off our enemies swiftly and brutally—is what makes us the greatest country on earth.  You don’t want to mess with the US because we will come kick your ass!

You would have to be pretty stupid to question our intentions on anything.  I mean, come on, our military and country were blessed by God himself!  Irving Berlin said so…so it has to be true.  I think that we are even mentioned in the Bible.  The prophets had visions about this paradise called America, and they were upset that fate dealt them some pretty crappy cards by forcing them to live in an era that predates practically all modern conveniences.

We are a free country, people.  And we are free because a selfless soldier went and died for our freedom in places like Iraq and Vietnam….

Except…now that I think about it, brothers and sisters, our “freedom” wasn’t really being threatened by either place…was it?


Oh well.  If we had let those rogues continue to do things without our consent, God knows what would have happened.  It all worked out in the end.

Except…the vets from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan are oftentimes driven crazy by war and turned into alcoholics and drug addicts with no job and no home.  That’s nice compensation for someone who fought in a rich man’s war, isn’t it?

Is this the sort of thing that makes us the greatest country on earth, people?  Is it?

And if you question the government who puts these young kids in harm’s way, you are an Anti-American?  Is that right?

It’s a backwards way of thinking if you ask me!

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  1. First of all, Angie I would like to congratulate you on your very sharp and clear style of writing. Some facts you should just laugh at.

    The only thing I would like to ask is: What makes a country better than others?
    I have no problem with anyone claiming their country is better at this or that than mine or yours, the only problem I have are the people that get the feeling they are better than the inhabitants of other countries.

    There is nothing wrong with patriotism/nationalism, it becomes troubling though whenever people act on it and deny other nations to be at the same level they are.

    I agree, America is in some aspects one of the greatest countries in the world. But in other aspects the contrary can be said of America. I say this without hate or resentment towards The USA. I really like the people, their beliefs, the country etc. But objectively there are of course things that should be reason for americans to say that some countries are the better of them. The same counts of course for every country…

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

      I am really trying to figure out why people think is the greatest nation on earth. Is it because some of us happen to live here? What if other people believe their country is the greatest nation on earth? Are they wrong because they live somewhere other than the US?

      The only thing I can think of, at the moment, is that so many people think our country is the greatest because of our military strength. Our ability to crush enemies makes us better than everyone. It’s a bit sad that some of us judge greatness on how many people we can kill or threaten.

      • I understand your hesitation at the statement tha the US is the greatest of them all. I do agree that force isn’t always the best indicator of greatness, whether it is about military strength or politics doesn’t matter.

        Everyone is free to think their country is better than others, but of course within some limits, such as I stated before.

        People also look to the US because it represents a certain way of living to outsiders. They are a big country, there are a lot rich people there etcetera. Indeed, some countries are of course afraid of the US because it has a superior army, but that is like being the sidekick of a bully or the shy kid, because you value the truth inferior because you don’t want to be on the receiving side of the punches.

        Also, one would think that having the biggest public debt would give people some humility, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case… 😉

  2. Thee is only about 4000 (give or take a little) of recorded history so a limited amount of time to judge if the US is a ‘great’ Country or not.
    And of course a very subjective question.
    But a question that should get people to thinking.
    A large and powerful military can being peace via occupation or after a war.
    A large and powerful military can also bring fear, hate by imposing IT’S will only others.
    That is the general pattern in history and since WWII, the emerging pattern of the US.
    Maybe a ‘great’ County should be judged by how it treats it’s most vulnerable citizens.
    Good post and I like your blog.

    • Thanks very much.

      I agree that a ‘great’ country should be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. In fact, I like that idea a lot and think this is something we should really consider. It seems that the “greatest” countries (not just the US in this matter, but many countries that predate the US) have always been prone to exploiting their most vulnerable citizens in one way or another.

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    What makes a Country ‘great’?

  4. Having been born in another country, I was taught that my country of birth was the greatest country in the world, and that America wasn’t really that great at all. And I am sure that pretty much every country has to teach its children that their homeland is the best place in the world. After all, can you even imagine any country telling it’s citizens that “our country is pretty good, but these 30 or 40 countries are way better”?
    This is just as subjective as saying as “this person is the greatest person in the world”.

    • I agree. A country’s leaders tend to promote a sort of superiority complex, condition them to think that they are the greatest and that there are no faults. Every bad thing that happens is someone else’s fault. And every good thing that happens proves how wonderful and perfect said country is.

  5. Angie, you and I think very much alike. Good points all-around.

  6. Barneysday

     /  June 20, 2012

    And those pushing hardest for wars, like Cheney, rumsfeld, GW bus, even mittens Romney never actually served nor do they have children at risk. But they are more than willing to put your kids in harms way. Chicken hawks all.

    • I agree. Republicans are pretty huge warmongers, but the Democrats have had their fair share of “bomb em off the planet earth” moments as well. Some didn’t serve in the military, some did.

      War either way is repugnant to me. It serves no real purpose.

      What, we conquer a few countries here and there, kill a few bad guys along with thousands of civilians who had nothing to do with a conflict?

      Bah. Nothing is solved by war.

      • Barneysday

         /  June 20, 2012

        Agreed. My current concern is mittens Romney, who wants to get us into 2 more wars, with Iran and Syria. Does the man learn nothing from the last 11 years?

  7. I think the issue is ideals vs. reality. (BTW, that is the subject of my post on 4 July.) Our ideals are lofty- all men (women?) are created equal, freedom of religion, freedom to criticize the government, freedom to vote- or NOT to vote, etc. The problem is in the execution (all puns intended).

  8. When i was growing up over here in England, we were seen as the greatest country on earth, with the biggest empire the world had seen, sterling was the prefered currency around the globe, we were the bees knees, anyone who thought otherwise was clearly diluded, and been out in the sun for too long.
    For over 200 years we showed the rest of world how to do things the proper way, the British way, the best way. We’d fought and won 2 world wars, our mills and factories supplied the world with all the steel, cloth, rubber, wool, silk etc. So was taught from an early age.
    The truth was quite different, our empire was rightfully getting smaller, as one by one our colonies gained their independence. Our factories and big industry declined, as without an empire there was no forced markets, the ex colonies could buy from cheaper places, like the US or far east.
    So America enjoy being top of the tree while it last, eventually there is another country out there waiting to steel your crown.
    Yes America is a great country, as is England, but i think what ever country you’re born and bred in, must be the greatest country in the world.

    • I’m pretty sure that every country has some semblance of that teaching. Unfortunately, most never learn the lesson that dynastic realms come at a great price. It’s a cycle that just seems to keep repeating. What’s funny are the people that think that this self-perpetrating cycle is unique to them. I like my county, not “right or wrong”, but I like it. It’s a pretty good place. But, I don’t think it’s better than every other country. I think it has the potential to be so, however. It’s that that I love.

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