God is An Angry Bigot

Getup Get God

Getup Get God (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

Christians want to save your soul.  And how do they propose to do it, you ask?  They want to scare you into believing in God by telling you if you don’t accept him, you will be cast into a lake of fire and burn for all eternity.  That’s a pretty good way of bringing lost souls to salvation, don’t you think?

They tell you that God loves everyone, but if you don’t love him back, he will cast plagues on you, kill your children, and make your life a living hell.  Hmm.  This makes God sound like a psychotic ex lover, doesn’t it?

The Holy Bible is full of stories of genocide, famine, disease, and many other afflictions caused by God himself, and Christians eat this stuff up and think it is okay.  And if someone questions any of it, they say it’s being misinterpreted, taken out of context.

So my question to Christians is—Why?  Why do you choose to believe in a God that comes across as an angry bigot?  Are you so afraid of going to Hell that you refuse to question a being that is clearly a homicidal maniac?  Who in their right mind would want to worship a God like this?  It makes no sense.

Christians need to understand that modern people are moving away from the “fear” of God because it is clearly unreasonable to respect and worship a deity that is portrayed as an abusive jerk.  If you want to, that’s fine, but don’t get all bent out of shape because you don’t understand why people think you are insane.  I’m telling you now why people do.

I want you to sit back and really think about this for a minute, everyone.  Do you really believe, with all your heart, that God is sitting up there in Heaven keeping tabs of every profane word you utter, every impure thought you have, every bad thing you do?  Do you really think that he cares that much?  Why?  Doesn’t it seem more reasonable to think that a lot of these so-called sins are things that simply make mortals uncomfortable, so they have come up with the convenient excuse that God hates them and will damn you if you do them?

Now I know that there are plenty of other God-fearing religions out there, but I have specifically called upon Christians because that is the religion I am most familiar with.  And you guys and gals make up the majority of believers in the US (and worldwide), so it seemed natural to ask opinions from, and post about, the majority.   Of course, I welcome feedback from everyone on this topic, so if you want to chime in with your thoughts, regardless of your religious background, please do.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.  And if you like this post and would like to receive updates in your RSS or inbox about new posts, please subscribe today!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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